My old Trek Navigator 400…

I purchased this bicycle in 2003. It has an internal 7 speed drivetrain, suspension forks and a compression seat post.

Regrettably this 14 year old bicycle has less than 500 miles on it. Seems like I never took the time to actually RIDE!

This year (2017) I plan to have it serviced and have slick tires mounted, along with a new chain and seat.

Can’t wait for summer to get here!

Years ago I saw a “Fat Bike” sitting in front of the Tackle Box in Atlantic Beach, NC. I had never seen one before and was totally fascinated.

Today I bought a Momentum Rocker and I am very happy with it. I spent time thinking about ordering a bike from but was concerned about not having a local bike shop willing to maintain it.

When I started researching the Rocker I found a dealer in Beaufort, NC who had one in stock.

Purchasing the bike from him allowed me to purchase a fat bike from a local bike shop who will maintain the bike for me. On top of that the owner is a good guy in whom I have a lot of confidence.

Below are two pictures of my Rocker. I had the dealer add an Axiom Flatliner Rack and a set of lights.



The shop is named “Alternative Transportation” and is located at 900 Live Oak St. in Beaufort, NC. Tell John I said hello!

Okay, I decided the tires were not “Fat” enough so I asked John to install fatter tires!

Here is my Momentum Rocker with Juggernauts mounted. 4.0 in the front and 4.5 in the rear. The bicycle now sounds like a tractor-trailer going down the road!