It’s been over two years since we bought our kayaks. Know what? We love them!
Pam’s kayak is much faster than mine, but I was more concerned about stability than speed. My kayak has given me NO indication it was going to turn over, even when I tested it to the limit.

A good friend by the name of Don Mau installed two clear inspection ports. Not sure why I wanted them but I did. Don also installed a Scotty rod holder for me. The man is a perfectionist!

I have a few more parts I want for my kayak. Nothing major, just some things to make it easier to use.

My old Trek Navigator 400…

I purchased this bicycle in 2003. It has an internal 7 speed drivetrain, suspension forks and a compression seat post.

Regrettably this 14 year old bicycle has less than 500 miles on it. Seems like I never took the time to actually RIDE!

This year (2017) I plan to have it serviced and have slick tires mounted, along with a new chain and seat.

Can’t wait for summer to get here!


A few days ago Pam & I purchased two new kayaks.

My kayak is a Perception Striker 115 Angler Kayak. Please understand I’ve only gone kayaking once in my life and I did not feel comfortable on a kayak. I purchased this model because after 3 days of research it seemed like the most stable SOT (Sit On Top) kayak I could find!

My wife Pam purchased the Perception Pescador 100 because she felt it will do what she wants it to do. Her kayak is also a SOT and the water is only 61 degrees right now, so it will be a while before we can verify our decisions. 🙂

Tomorrow (01/16/16) we’re going back across the river to Beaufort with some friends.

Our plans are to stop at the bicycle shop and afterward we will go to No Name Pizza for lunch.

The wife wants a set of lights for her bike and I want to speak with the owner about new AND BIGGER tires for my Rocker!

Went across the river (short ferry ride) with Mr. & Mrs. Billy D yesterday.

The women went shopping at Belk’s while Billy & I visited Hobby Lobby.

Then we went to a mexican restaurant and had a fabulous lunch (I’m all about lunch)!

Stopped at Walmart on the way home and they had TWO of the single speed fat bikes. After looking at them I’m so glad I didn’t buy a Malace!

Update… Today (01/02/2016) I finally got my new fat bike!

My wife & I visited the bicycle shop on December 26th. I told the dealer I would take the bike but I wanted a rack. Installing the rack required a new kickstand so a new kickstand was ordered…

We finally got a chance to visit the shop today and bring the bike home!

Upon returning to Oriental I unloaded the bike while my wife made a quick lunch. We ate and then went for a ride around the village.

I was amazed at all the looks my bike got. Several people complimented the bike and one lady said she was thinking about making me an offer on it!

The bike is sitting in our dining room right now… The wife was concerned about someone stealing it.


Years ago I saw a “Fat Bike” sitting in front of the Tackle Box in Atlantic Beach, NC. I had never seen one before and was totally fascinated.

Today I bought a Momentum Rocker and I am very happy with it. I spent time thinking about ordering a bike from but was concerned about not having a local bike shop willing to maintain it.

When I started researching the Rocker I found a dealer in Beaufort, NC who had one in stock.

Purchasing the bike from him allowed me to purchase a fat bike from a local bike shop who will maintain the bike for me. On top of that the owner is a good guy in whom I have a lot of confidence.

Below are two pictures of my Rocker. I had the dealer add an Axiom Flatliner Rack and a set of lights.



The shop is named “Alternative Transportation” and is located at 900 Live Oak St. in Beaufort, NC. Tell John I said hello!

Okay, I decided the tires were not “Fat” enough so I asked John to install fatter tires!

Here is my Momentum Rocker with Juggernauts mounted. 4.0 in the front and 4.5 in the rear. The bicycle now sounds like a tractor-trailer going down the road!

Merry Christmas from warm & wonderful Oriental, NC!

Wife & I enjoyed the traditional Christmas dinner (lunch), then went for a bicycle ride around the village. We were amazed; Oriental seems like a ghost town today!

Tomorrow we are hoping to visit a bicycle shop in Beaufort. I have a great desire to try a fat bike and they have a couple!